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The Asian Wine Review is a comprehensive guide of wines produced in Asia. The aim is to showcase quality wines produced in Asia and also the unique grape varietals that are indigenous to these countries that are made into wine.


The Chairman, Eddie McDougall, is a firm believer that Asian wines belong on the dinner table, not only in their home countries but overseas as well. He founded the Asian Wine Review with the mission of spreading the word about Asian wines.

The review has been published for 4 consecutive years. From 2020 onwards, a composite booklet will no longer be put together. However, Asian produced wines are still welcome for review and scoring via blind tasting by our chairman and guest judges and shared on our platform. 

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The 2019 edition set a new record of countries participating in the competition. A total of 12 countries entered their wines to be judged by a panel of well-respected wine professionals. As we see a more diverse group of wineries taking part, an increased number of wines made from indigenous varietals are being put forth the judges and showcased in the review. This creates a true representation of Asia and what makes these regions so special.

Here are our Asian Wine Review winners of 2019. They represent the breadth of Asia and the quality of wine that should be shared on the international stage.

Please explore all our category winners and winery of the year. Alternatively, download your very own version of Asian Wine Review 2019 to see all the participating wineries and how they scored.

Words from the Chairman

It is with great pleasure that I officially welcome you to the release of the 2019 edition of the Asian Wine Review. Now in its fourth edition, the publication has matured and steadily become a leading voice for Asian winemakers looking to present their brands to wine and hospitality professionals across the globe.

The 2019 wine submissions are on par with previous years however the number of countries represented in the review has increased to twelve. It is with great pleasure that we welcome the inaugural submissions from Kazakhstan and Armenia.

With Asian winemakers growing in international credibility the demand in the trade for educational opportunities has elevated. This interest sees the results of two significant exhibition partnerships in 2018; ProWine Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong) and Sitevinitech (Ningxia, China). Both of the exhibitions provide an opportunity for the Asian Wine Review team and its award-winning winemakers a chance to host technical forums and masterclasses. These partnerships are an important tool for winemakers and brand owners looking to build recognition whilst leveraging its Asian Wine Review results to secure commercial opportunities.


On reflection, the compilation of the 2019 edition has been very refreshing as I witness a wonderful diversity in wine styles, varietals and countries submissions. The judging panels made up this year with experts who are well versed in Asian wines have identified some outstanding wines from most certainly places you least expect. Furthermore, the increasing acceptance of more adventurous wine styles saw that technically perfect wines did not always reap the top scores. I would like to thank all judges for their efforts and comments. Finally, a special thank you to The Flying Winemaker’s Special Projects team for leading the charge and making this year another success story well worth sharing.

Until 2020, happy exploring!

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