2017 Awards | Winery of the Year

We are proud to announce that the 2017 AWR Winery of the Year award has been bestowed upon Hatten Wines, Indonedia.

An impressive six of their wines received medals.

The consistency and excellence is indicative of the level of winemaking that is now possible in Asia, and that inspired the creation of our annual review.

Congratulation to the winemaking team at Hatten Wines. 

– Eddie McDougall 

Full information about Hatten Wines can be found on page 133-135,

Click HERE to download it for free.


Hatten Wines, Sparkling Tunjung, INDONESIA, NV.



Beautiful floral complexities with enticing notes of green apples and lemon tart. An interesting yeasty element is well integrated providing some intrigue. Defies convention, creative and very enjoyable.


Hatten Wines, Sparkling Jepun, INDONESIA, NV.



Light-bronze onion skin colour that has foamy bead. Aroma is intriguing with mandarin, sherbert and raspberries. On the palate it has a soft and elegant twist which is refreshing and clean.


Hatten Wines, Alexandria, INDONESIA, NV.



Beautiful aromatics of white flowers, musk and almonds. A lemony acidity lifts the intensity of the wine whilst carrying some residual sweetness. A pleasant surpise.


Hatten Wines, Pino De Bali, INDONESIA, NV.



A common rancio character of great fortifieds shine through. The richness of the wine is presented with flavours of tobacco, nuts, Christmas cake and cream. The concentration of flavours are well preserved though some brightness of acidity. This wine will go the distance in the cellar. 

Hatten Wines, Aga White, INDONESIA, NV.



By far one of the best expressions of this varietal in a drier style. Offerings of white pepper and dried spices are well carried with some citrus style acidity. Being a drier style it has good saline mineralty and grip across the palate. Good food wine.



Hatten Wines, Rosé, INDONESIA, NV.



Reminiscent of raspberries in aromas. The palate is triggered by the freshness of sherbet like acidity which is mouthwatering. Hints of mandarin peel adds some interest factor to the wines personality 

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