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Nikki Lohitnavy

Winemaker Granmonte 



Nikki Lohitnavy is the first and only fully-qualified oenologist of Thailand. When in high school, her family purchased a 40-acre plot of land in Khao Yai, Thailand, and began to grow wine grapes. Nikki embarked upon higher education to become a winemaker for her family vineyard, now known as GranMonte.


During her studies, Nikki had won the Wolf Blass’ Prize for Excellence in Winemaking scholarship at the age of 18. Her research was published in two respected scientific journals. Nikki graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2008 as the only scholar in the University’s history to have a B. of Oenology together with Honours in Viticulture.

New innovations and techniques are devised by Nikki to further accelerate GranMonte and Thai wine to the highest international quality. Nikki travelled far beyond Thailand: since the beginning of her career, she has worked in various wine regions around the globe including France, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico.

GranMonte is now a 90,000-bottles- per-year operation under Nikki’s direction, and has received countless accolades from international competitions. 

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