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Kyle Oosterberg

Senior Wine Eduator & Cellar Manager | The Flying Winemaker

Kyle is the Senior Wine Educator & Cellar Manager, which means he’s the resident Wine Dude (when Eddie the boss isn’t around). A combination of outgoing and quirky, learning about wine with Kyle is the best combination of fun and educational. With a genuine love of teaching and sharing his wine passion with people, wine education at The Flying Winemaker is the furthest thing from textbook learning.

Discovering the wonders of wine on a holiday job at the tender age of 16, Kyle began his journey at the prestigious and award-winning Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Experienced in all aspects of wine, Kyle has been involved in wine production, working vines during harvest, to marketing and teaching, representing wineries at trade events and educating visitors in the tasting room.

When away from work, Kyle moonlights as Batman after a few beers, but can also be found near any large body of water as his other passions are surfing and the ocean. His weakness: working with computers and any technology past 1990.


Favourite wines: Chenin Blanc for white wines and Pinot Noir for red.

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