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Francesca Martin

Founder Partner| Nimbility

Over the past twelve years Francesca’s career has spanned three continents and multiple disciplines – from brand management to PR, from winemaking to marketing – giving her a unique degree of fluency in building markets for wine and spirits brands.


Over the years she has worked for some of the most renowned names in the global wine industry, including Francois Lurton in Argentina, Miguel Torres in Spain, Liberty Wines in the U.K. and ASC Fine Wines in Hong Kong. In 2013, she founded BEE Drinks Global, a beverage consultancy and wine education company based in Hong Kong and working across markets in Asia. In 2017 she conceptualised Nimbility, a market and brand building enterprise for drinks companies wanting to expand their Asia business.


Francesca holds the WSET Level 4 Diploma, is a certified teacher of WSET awards and is currently studying for the prestigious Master of Wine examination. Widely travelled, she has gained first-hand experience in the majority of the world’s leading wine regions giving her unique insight that carries through in all her work.

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