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Wine Submissions for Asian Wine Review 2020


Submit your wines for review in 2020:




Please contact for more information 



For information about the Asian Wine Review and details on how to submit your wines, please download the Media Kit:




We are accepting submissions for 2020 now! All wines entered must be 100% vinified and produced in Asia. All wines entered will be featured on the Asian Wine Review website and social media channels. 

Our aim is to showcase Asian wines on an arena that is fairly judged via a blind tasting setting whilst providing an easily accessible platform for consumers and trade professionals to access and learn about the diversity of Asian wines.

Instructions to note:

Two (2) bottles of each submitted wine must be sent.

2. Each delivery must be clearly marked 'Asian Wine Review 2020 - Samples - No commercial value'.

3. An entry form with information on your wines must be filled.

4. Wineries and Producers are allowed to submit as many SKUs/products as they wish.

5. A processing fee of only $350 HKD per product

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